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                                                          A NATURAL TREATMENT THAT RESPECTS THE BODY

Diaphotonie is a unique new technology developed by Dynamic Research International engineers in Belgium, in close collaboration with the medical profession and the University of Louvain la Neuve.

It is a patented, safe, innovative and unique slimming and rejuvenation technology that stimulates the natural processes of cell renewal and lipolysis (fat release).

The action of Diaphotonie is based on the unique combination of a specific radiation located in the near infrared range. It allows for in-depth action by stimulating the cells located in the sub-dermal layers involved in the processes of ageing and skin slackening, but also in the removal of fat. This filtered radiation allows a much more effective action than all the technologies already present on the aesthetic market. This technology respects the natural functioning of the body and the cells; it does not harm any cell. It only boosts the natural metabolism of the cells in an unprecedented and spectacular way, without any major contraindication. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated through tests and clinical studies (Dr. R. Blairvacq's clinic, Dr. Maes, Dr. Pierrard, Dr. Tartovskii, etc.).

The Diasculpt device (made in Belgium), which uses this Diaphotonie technology, provides an effective slimming device and a high-performance anti-ageing device in a single piece of equipment. The performance of the Diaphotonie ensures visible slimming and anti-ageing results from the very first session (see video testimonials below).


Thanks to the heat generated and above all to the photo stimulation, this technology enables action to be taken at the heart of the deepest layers of the skin.

The properties of this electromagnetic radiation in the field of aesthetics are multiple. The addition of a permanent cooling system and an automatic feedback loop of the photonic flow allows to induce very efficient biophotochemical reactions in the deepest layers of the body.
Thanks to this cooling and regulation, Diaphotonie makes it possible to exploit the benefits of photons for deep action aesthetic applications without danger for the epidermis, nor discomfort sensation


The cooling of the areas treated by Diasculpt is a unique process developed and patented by DRI. Thanks to this innovation, invisible photons penetrate to the hypodermis without risk or discomfort to the epidermis.
This radiation heats the sub-dermal layers of the skin to a temperature of 58°C and the epidermis, the most superficial layer, is maintained at 37°C thanks to continuous cooling.
This innovation ensures maximum safety in the use of the equipment, a painless and comfortable treatment for the client.





Adipocytes, fat cells, are contained in the hypodermis. They have the exceptional ability to grow up to 47 times their initial size by storing fat.

This storage phenomenon is called lipogenesis. The fat cells lie perpendicular to the skin surface. The growth of fat cells in women is the cause of the appearance of dimples, better known as cellulite.

With its stochastic filtered radiation, Diaphotonie reaches deep into the cells for an effective slimming action and visible results from the first session.



The slimming action of Diaphotonie is based on the effects of photons that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.

The filtered beam of stochastic light stimulates the Beta and Alpha adrenergic receptors of the fat cells. The triglycerides are transformed into fatty acids which can be released by the adypocites and eliminated by the lymphatic system or burnt by the muscles.

The radiation also raises the temperature of the adipocytes located in the hypodermis so as to provoke the natural process of lipolysis without harming the epidermis.

This operation would be impossible without the continuous cooling of the epidermis by the Diasculpt which, in addition to protecting against possible burns, ensures a comfortable and relaxing sensation for effective and pleasant slimming treatments.





The skin's elastin and collagen are responsible for its elasticity and resistance. Its good vascularisation is at the origin of its radiance. With age, collagen fibres become less numerous and less organised than in a young dermis. The number of elastin fibres decreases. The cutaneous vascular network also becomes less dense, so the skin is less well oxygenated.

The photons will enable us to act directly on the causes of skin ageing and stimulate the natural rejuvenation process to correct the effects and ensure visible anti-ageing results from the first session.


The anti-ageing action of Diaphotonie is based on the combined effects of photostimulation, already recognised in the field of rejuvenation.
By penetrating into the hypodermis, the photons trigger a process called bio-stimulation. This process activates a very rapid natural cell regeneration which operates on collagen such as elastin and fibroblasts.

This action is reinforced by the effect of heat, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres in the basal layers of the dermis. Thanks to its in-depth action, Diaphotonie restores good oxygenation to the skin, giving it back its radiance.


Diaphotonie is the only patented biophotonic technology to offer such a deep and effective anti-ageing and slimming action with a comfortable, painless and relaxing treatment.

The combination of skin cooling and high photon density provides a pleasant sensation of warmth throughout the application.

Without risk for the epidermis, Diadermie is applied to bare skin without protection and therefore without consumables.





The effects of Diaphotonie photons are immediate, long-lasting and measurable from the first session. The results of Diasculpt in slimming were tested in a medical study on a panel of 25 people. 13 people chose the abdomen treatment and 13 people chose the thigh treatment. After 5 sessions, the results are convincing. The people treated on the abdomen lost an average of 4.7 cm and some lost 8 cm, i.e. one size in a few days. The people treated on the thighs lost an average of 1.8 cm and some up to 2.8 cm.

In 2020, the improvement of the procedure has made it possible to go far beyond these results.


As the testimonies and photos below show, the procedure also allows stretch marks to be erased, wrinkles to be erased, skin texture to be improved and buttocks to be regenerated.



Studies are underway on the healing and pain-relieving effects of Diasculpt; the first results seem to show that this technique has a place in the future in the field of para-medical care and rehabilitation.

The device is classified as a MEDICAL DEVICE EC Certificate 2007/47/CE-MDD 93/42CEE and ISO13485 certification for its manufacture is in progress.

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                                  PHOTOS & BODY CARE                                         


                                      ANTI-AGEING CARE                                           

The Diaphotonie treatment provides immediate, long-lasting and visible rejuvenation results from the first session. Indeed, the induced densification of elastin and collagen fibres makes the skin immediately firmer. The improved oxygenation increases its radiance and the evenness of the complexion. The high production of ATP produced by the photons will allow the natural renewal of the cells in the few weeks following the treatment.

                                  PHOTOS   ANTI-AGEING CARE                             




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